Aims of the Foundation

Source Code Technology (SCT) is a Swiss Foundation recognized as public utility working to design and deploy technologies on Symbolic Language, Dreams Interpretation, Predictive Analysis, and School Programs for High Potential (HP) Children & for those with Autistic Spectrum (ASD), as well as for those who have difficulties of learning.

The aims and Mission of the Foundation are to inform the general public of various approaches related to Symbolic Language, Predictive Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics in order to increase the development of human conscience on every level via:

Our conscience, a living computer

The Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation holds the rights to a unique computing language and code that will revolutionize research in the development of both human and artificial intelligence. This language of unexpected possibilities has been tested on tens of thousands of real life cases and is the result of more than 25 years of research carried out by a team of experts in symbolic decoding and analytical psychology; a team made up of 100+ professors, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists.

By using the Source Code of consciousness through a software that analyses all kinds of data inputs, this technology finally provides the ability to analyze and interpret any type of human signals, be they facial expression, micro-expressions, voice, position, clothing, and even dreams, which represent the conscious and unconscious mechanisms of our deepest, intimate choices. By not limiting itself to only human aspects, this research enables complementary development via predictive & symbolic analysis of the physical world, its multiple angles of functioning and its aesthetics, such as colors, shapes, proportions, dispositions. In thus combining both sources of information, Source Code Technology Foundation is able to provide a highly advanced descriptive map of the mechanisms of an individual's behavior and personality. Whether it is with regard to one's conscious or unconscious intentions, the probabilities of activating problems in personal, married, family and/or professional life, or obtaining a global perspective of one's strengths and weaknesses, our research offers essential keys to be used in robotics and computer communication systems.

Rethinking the way data is communicated and understood is now possible

This new technological stage in the history of human & digital communication opens up a new dimension of understanding which is a pivotal point in an era where the globalization of information is at the center of preoccupations and avant-garde research. This multidimensional decoding of all human thoughts, emotions and behavioral dynamics that is now possible enables a multitude of concrete applications for the following:

Did you know?

  • Human conscience is... a constantly recording, living computer...Open or Close

    Did you know the infinite possibilities of a computer can be compared to human consciousness that is perpetually expanding thanks to its innumerable cognitive, emotional and behavioural experiences.

  • Information in our conscience can be decoded via Symbolic LanguageOpen or Close

    Symbolic Language as developed by the Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation enables us to enter what could be referred to as "augmented reality with ultra-understanding of visible & non-visible communication". In this reality, we can decode and understand the various facets of our thoughts and emotions. Studying the mechanisms of emotional intelligence (EQ) is of major importance for present-day research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the working of human consciousness.

  • The + and - are the fundamental source code of human informationOpen or Close

    Just as a computer system is based on a multitude of 0 & 1 to transmit and interpret data, so too human thoughts, emotions and behaviours are originally + (positive) and - (negative) choices, which exert a multi-dimensional, quantum effect. For example, too much negativity in our day can lead to halting, jerky gestures, emotional difficulties, an accumulation of fatigue, a lack of reactive intelligence, etc.

  • Symbols & mathematics form the basis of our personalityOpen or Close

    Did you know that we are constantly measuring our choices, our way of loving, behaving, doing, functioning... that we are continuously comparing data/information with our present and past experience?

    As in Mathematics, each symbol with its own, unique dimension associates and connects with a strength or weakness, or a mixture of both, which engenders a precise connotation in our consciousness. For example, fans of Mustang sports cars couldn't identify with this car if its logo were a hen because they deeply resonate with the symbolism of the horse, which represents powerful advancing, a wish for freedom and great vital energy.

  • We are capable of experiencing a multi-dimension in 1 secondOpen or Close

    Think of your last trip, a seaside vacation, your wedding, the birth of your child or any other positive or negative memory. In a flash, you have just carried out a phenomenal number of algorithms, through which your conscience projected itself into an "inner hologram" composed of a multitude of calculations and specific feelings that were encoded in accordance with the particularities of that unique experience. This is what is called the multi-dimensionality of a memory. Hence, through our positive and /or negative thoughts, emotions and gestures, we are continually connected to the multi-dimensional information encoded in our memory.

  • Everything is a source of learningOpen or Close

    To develop and expand, human consciousness is constantly attracted to dynamics with which it resonates positively or negatively. This process occurs even without our knowledge. As in quantum physics, one day, we will understand that there is no such thing as chance in the Universe; there is only resonance encountering resonance.

The source code: a multidimensional database

Whenever we enter into a form of communication (oral, written, artistic, musical, professional, etc.), in the background, our consciousness instantly opens up a connection via resonance with positive (+) and negative (-) aspects, experienced and recorded within us during all of the informative exchanges we’ve encountered since birth.

In response to this internal communication, a reaction between our + and - aspects is then activated and sends forth signals in the forms of thoughts, emotions and behaviours. These processes are related to conscious & unconscious memory, emerging as and engendering a great variety of states of conscience, such as joy, delight, doubt, worry, anger, sadness or even empathy, confidence, love, etc. Each quality or weakness is associated with a symbol. Thus, we can decode and understand the multiple influences exerted by our memories and the probabilities contained in them.

In this perspective, each individual experiences the emergence of + and/or - states of consciousness pertaining to their personal experience and therefore experiences distinctive or selective singularity of events and encounters depending on the memories they have recorded. This singularity, which corresponds to a concentration of data in a person's inner computer, represents a very powerful dynamic for human consciousness, because it engenders a deep sense of uniqueness regarding the choices made by each individual person worldwide. Hence, on calculating the algorithms, we can gather very precise Big Data on the behavioural tendencies, thoughts, emotions and experiences of people around the world, since affinities and similarities intersect when a similar memory is common to a group of individuals.

This singularity, which is both profound and multidimensional, leads us to understand why one person is going to be more affected than another on hearing the news, and why a person is going to be frightened at the sight of blood or an accident, and not another. There exists unconscious experience - unconscious baggage - that accumulates over time, and is an inherent part of every individual's unconscious; this results in an accumulation of unconscious experiences, containing decodable and computable data.

On the technological level, background analysis using the Source Code Program enables the measurement, via algorithms, of all kinds of states of mind, and to calculate in real time the influences that engender behaviours. Memory is like a dormant, inactive volcano, which, when it has accumulated a certain level of fire, of unconscious forces, tends to wake up, become active and emerge in a visible form. Thus, observable, tangible forms (behaviour, gesture, emotions) are directly related to the set of positive and negative experiences recorded in our genetic code throughout our life. The results of our experiences gradually establish our own multi-dimensions in the way we perceive and discern the information that surrounds us.

In other words, whenever we communicate consciously or unconsciously, in whatever form, we deploy a positive or negative resonance from our personal database and knowledge, which defines all our past and present reflections and emotions, and which also makes it possible to calculate the probabilities of our future (which, in technology, is referred to as predictive analysis).

Consciousness ... a programmable and calculable technology

The Source Code Technology (SCT) Foundation now offers solutions and services to enable "updates" of the knowledge stored in the "database" of human consciousness, which provides new keys for the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It also actively participates in research into human consciousness, the mechanisms of memory, as well as robotics and predictive analysis.

Due to the extent of encrypted information, as well as taking into account their archetypal connections to the human conscience, symbols establish a decoding language, which is computer programmable and accessible to people of all ages. Currently, we have ongoing school and training courses on emotional intelligence (EQ), enabling thousands of children and adults to study Symbolic Language, discover its benefits, use it to interpret and understanding their dreams & signs, and make predictive analyses of their life in real time, according to logical, very concrete deductions.

These new technological possibilities offered via the various Source Code Technology Foundation (SCT) programs announce a major change and simultaneously represent great hope in the possibilities of succeeding in understanding the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ), its interconnection with consciousness, the unconscious, and Symbolic Language, thanks to which we can decode dreams, signs, symbols, and everything that constitutes the very foundations of our experience and programming as a human being.

Our intelligence is constantly evolving, renewing itself and adapting, and Symbolic Language leads us to multiple understandings that we can apply to our daily life, especially when undergoing difficulties. Combining our intelligence with this data-processing, Symbolic Language, we also develop the capacity to transform negative cognitive, emotional and behavioural potential into positive conscious information. Symbols, which are the very basis of human knowledge, can be coded and represent completely logical, inter-associated, conscious and unconscious aspects... Symbolic Language is comparable with the binary code composed of associations of 0 and 1, hence with notions of opening and closing... of receptivity and emissivity, etc.

Finally, when it comes to our life, what would you think if all that we seek were summed up in one goal: the development of qualities & virtues to be happy?

What do you think ?


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